Enrico Gaudino
An Enrico Gaudino Exhibition
An exhibition dedicated to the work of Enrico Gaudino enables us to enter into direct authentic contact with his work. His original matrixes can be put on show along with his own hand-made paper, his instruments, for example the burins used in engraving. An emotional experience is therefore created linking Gaudino’s art to the extraordinary, sophisticated language of the engraver. Full collaboration is offered to schools, town council cultural departments and similar where an exhibition of the art of engraving is envisaged as part of their cultural events. More information and or material can be obtained concerning the works of Enrico Gaudino from his son, Luca Gaudino, curator, consulting his e-mail:

“... Not only is the art of etching apparently made for exalting the individualism of the artist, but it is quite impossible for the artist to avoid even the most hidden of his personal traits being transferred to his plates.”
Charles Boudelaire
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