Enrico Gaudino
What the critics say
“[...] a personality such as that of Enrico Gaudino would have represented a point of reference of primary and important greatness. [...] from the point of view of technical capacity of the highest refinement and great sensitivity, all this has been acquired by a slow but constant study of a difficult to obtain craft [...] in the research carried out by Enrico Gaudino, we have one of the most significant contributions to the development of contemporary Italian engraving. [...] in over 40 years of painstaking research, Enrico put together over a thousand plates testifying an onerous task [...] which cannot fail to strike one for his extreme coherence and clarity, the rigour and courage of his choices [...] meeting a personality like Enrico Gaudino cannot but instil in us an element of faith and hope, an aspect which helps us still to believe in something, in the man who can lead us along the path of redemption and necessary emancipation.” Giorgio Trentin
“[...] Maybe it is just this constant research and wait for the moment when technique transforms into sheer poetry. That engravers are among the most silent of artists, isolating themselves from the world, living in other words in a world of their own made up dreams, visions of lines, dots, etchings, fixing agents which giving birth to the finished product give us new images, renewed joys or melancholy lost in our memories [...] passionate and coherent research as expressed by Guagino the engraver, has the power to lead us back to the “conquest of art”, art which is superior to mere inert material transforming it into a palpable “medium” touching our senses and spirituality.” Giorgio Mascherpa
“[...] besides, engravers, unlike the so-called purists, often refer to ”their craft” without any false modesty. Theirs, in fact, is just that - a craft: a craft of art. So Gaudino sharpens our imagination, day by day, inventing his own craft. His craft of living, paraphrasing Pavese, Piedmontese like Gaudino. [...] From portraits to landscapes, the world of Gaudino is enriched by a visionary atmosphere, intertwined with astral filaments and naturalistic evocations. The “body” of an image takes on new metamorphic characterisations, new suggestive enchantment, with light and shadows interlaced with extreme skill. [...] I would like to underline the “pictorial” expressiveness of his works; another way of looking at his graphic creations, learning to discover from the “colours” of our state of mind, our unsuspected creativity in seeing things through our kindled sentiments.” Miklos N. Varga
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